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Geomancy Expert(s)

Believed to provide guidance and insights on the well-being of the mother and the unborn child through determination of date / time / location.

Wilfred Leu

Geomancer | Fengshui Practitioner

Wilfred Leu is a Feng Shui practitioner and also a strong problem-solver with more than 20 years in market research, consulting, analysis, payments and banking experience. Wilfred uses the Feng Shui system established by the Chinese Imperial Palace in both the Qing and Ming dynasties – “The Imperial Complete Books of the Four Repositories”, & “The Complete Collection of the “Imperial Encyclopedia” and “The Yongle Encyclopedia”.

With a philosophy that good work will win positive word-of-mouth, he has never proactively made effort to market himself and has actively practicing Feng Shui for more than 10 years, expanding largely by word-of-mouth. His clients include all walks of life from the man in the street to International celebrities and senior management of multi-billion dollar businesses.

Some of his large prominent corporate clients include Accenture, DBS Bank, EasyText, Christie’s, Rabobank, Futu, and Aigne and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, He has also consulted for local celebrities. Notable ones include Lee Teng, Jessica Liu and her husband Jeremy Chan. He is on retainer for top entertainment companies and celebrities in China.

Wilfred Leu is probably the only Singaporean Feng Shui master with a top-selling book in traditional Chinese on destiny analysis case studies published by the World largest publisher of Feng Shui book in Taiwan. His book, 八字实战精细神, continues to be one of the most sought-after books for Bazi analyses in recent years.

With a passion for interior design, one of his personal home was awarded interior design awards in Europe and was featured in Singapore’s Home & Décor magazine. He was invited to be featured in Feng Shui 2021 with The Edge Singapore (, correctly predicting that travel would only be in a position to recover in May, 2022.

He speaks regularly about Feng Shui and Sinology and had given talks about the topic to DBS’ Private Banking clients and other businesses.

Prior to his own practice, he was a wholesale banker and was the Head of Market Research for PayPal in Asia-Pacific. He is also well-versed in Chinese philosophy and culture and has a Graduate Diploma on Sinology from the National Taiwan University.