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Breastfeeding And Milk Supply: Is My Baby Feeding Enough?

Chief Editor | Published on February 21, 2023

Breastfeeding may be a natural process, but that does not mean it is easy — or that it comes naturally. Many mothers are worried about their milk supply and question if their babies are feeding enough.

The truth is, having a high milk supply or low milk supply both come with their own sets of problems.

If you are struggling with breastfeeding issues, do remember not to be disheartened and to seek help from a lactation consultant sooner rather than later.

Breast Engorgement

Do your breasts feel hard, tight and painful? You may be experiencing breast engorgement, which happens when your breasts are overly full. This may have happened due to various reasons, such as your baby not feeding regularly or you having too much breast milk.

You may ease the discomfort of breast engorgement by wearing a comfortable nursing bra, expressing a bit of breast milk by hand, or applying chilled cabbage leaves to your breasts after each feeding session to ease the pain and swelling. You may also try breast pumping if you have to be away from your baby and cannot breastfeed as regularly as before.

On the other hand, if you suspect that you have too much breast milk, consult your lactation expert, who will be able to provide tips on how to lower your milk supply and/or make feeding easier for your baby.

Low Milk Supply

If you are a first-time mum, it should take you about 3 to 4 days for your milk to come in. Many mothers are worried about having a low milk supply, but cases of true milk insufficiency are actually very rare. Instead, most mothers simply need time to build and maintain your milk supply.

Here are some tips:

  • Ensure that your baby is latching on properly.
  • Breastfeed your baby more frequently, or whenever your baby wants to eat. Wake your newborn up for feeding if it has been more than 2 hours he/she last fed.
  • Be sure to empty your breasts each feeding. Focus on one breast until it is empty before switching your baby to the other side.
  • Take care of yourself: ensure that you sleep well, eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking more than 3 caffeinated drinks a day.

If you still find yourself having problems with your milk supply, speak to your doctor or lactation consultant.

Is Breast Best?

The one thing that all mothers want is to be the perfect parent and to breastfeed if they are able to. However, in the real world, there may be obstacles that can make breastfeeding almost an impossible feat. Which begs the question: is breast truly best?

While it is true that breast milk has enormous health benefits, formula milk is also a healthy and nutritious choice for your baby. As long as your baby is well-fed and loved, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for choosing to bottle-feed your baby instead of breastfeeding.

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