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Your Medical Team In The Delivery Suite And What They Do

Dr TC Tan | Published on February 7, 2023

A long-awaited moment is finally here! Your contractions have finally started and you now find yourself in the delivery suite. It can be slightly disconcerting seeing a number of people coming in and out of the room but rest assured that they are all medical professionals who play an important role in the safe delivery of your child.

If You’re Giving Birth Vaginally…

If you choose to have a vaginal delivery and your pregnancy has been without complications, you probably won’t see as many people in your delivery suite. Your chance of having a smooth delivery is quite high which is why you don’t need as many medical personnel in the room.

The Midwife

From tracking your blood pressure and keeping tabs on your baby’s heart rate to offering emotional support and assisting with pain relief, a midwife is a certified nurse who specialises in caring for pregnant mums before, during and after delivery. Your midwife will stay with you throughout labour and can in some cases attend to your delivery should your obstetrician be unavailable to deliver your baby.

The Obstetrician

Medical team in delivery suite

The doctor who has been with you throughout your pregnancy journey is committed to see this through and deliver your baby. When you report to the hospital, the staff on duty will notify your obstetrician right away once you’re confirmed to be in labour. However, if for some reason he or she cannot arrive in time for the delivery, another specialist may attend to you.

The Anaesthetist

In the case of natural delivery, the anaesthetist will only be present if you require epidural. They will set up the equipment and make sure you’re getting satisfactory pain relief before leaving the delivery suite.

Medical Interns

If you’re at a teaching hospital, such as National University Hospital, the medical professionals may also be accompanied by intern medical students. This is an important part of their practical training, so do be aware that they may be keen observers of all that is happening; and may even attend to you.

If You’re Having a C-Section…

Whether elective or emergency, a C-section is an operation, which means it will be performed in an operating theatre. In addition to the personnel mentioned above, you can expect a bigger medical team — as many as 10 people, says obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Tan Thiam Chye — in the room to take care of you and your baby. There will likely be an anaesthetist team to make sure you are taken care of, and a neonatologist may be present when the baby is delivered to check on your newborn child.

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