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Doctor’s Advice: How To Beat Morning Sickness

Dr TC Tan | Published on January 29, 2023

Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms in pregnancy, with about 1 in every 2 expectant mothers experiencing vomiting — and as many as 4 in 5 experiencing nausea in varying degrees, from mild sickness to severe vomiting that requires hospitalisation. The causes of morning sickness are still unclear but hormonal changes in the body are thought to be a contributor.

In most cases the symptoms are manageable with a few easy changes to your lifestyle and should ease after your first trimester. However, if you have trouble keeping food down to a point where you suffer weight loss, seek medical attention immediately.

Get Plenty Of Rest

Having enough sleep at night and even a power nap during the day could help ease the feeling of nausea. If you’re working and feeling sick, it’s a good idea to take a day off work. Nausea can affect some women throughout the day — not just on waking. Tiredness will only aggravate the symptoms.

Keep Track Of Your Triggers

Every expectant mother reacts differently to foods. There will be certain smells and tastes that trigger your gag reflex. Keeping track of when and what induces nausea will help you make lifestyle changes that prevent it.

Change Your Diet

Even if you have been the biggest curry fan your whole life, you should steer clear of strong-smelling and highly favoured foods during pregnancy, as these are likely to trigger episodes of nausea. Stick to mild flavours and bland foods to keep nausea at bay.

Have Small Meals

If you’re suffering from morning sickness, you might be losing your appetite at the same time. Eating full meals could make your symptoms worse but not having any food at all may not help either. This could cause you to lose weight, which could be dangerous for both mother and baby. The trick is to have nibbles and small bites on hand; eat often but keep your meal-size small.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re vomiting, your body is losing fluid fast. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking fluids often but in small sips, which may help prevent further vomiting. It is advised that to keep fully hydrated you should drink 1.5 litres of water a day.

Ginger Helps

There is scientific evidence that ginger is a safe remedy for nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. You can choose to take a ginger supplement or simply steep a slice of ginger in hot water for a quick fix. Ginger ale and ginger biscuits can help to settle your stomach as well.

Apply Acupressure

There are multiple acupressure points on your body that can help relieve the feeling of nausea. Constant pressure on the inner side of both wrists — you can try using anti-nausea wristbands or something similar — have been used as an effective way to reduce morning sickness.

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