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I Think I’m Pregnant! What Do I Do?

Dr TC Tan | Published on January 29, 2023

Missed period? Check. Sensitive breasts? Check. Random episodes of nausea? Check. You’ve seen the signs of being pregnant — now comes the moment of truth!

The 6 most important things to do during pregnancy.

  1. Achieve Good Weight Gain
  2. BMI < 23
  3. Check your Emotion
  4. Stop Diabetes in pregnancy
  5. Exercise 20 Mins
  6. Don’t be too late for Folate

Take A Test To Confirm

Start with an over-the-counter pregnancy test to confirm your suspicions. Test kits are quite accurate but for the best results, wait up to a week after you’ve missed your period. Taking the test too early could produce a false negative result.

Once you’ve tested positive, you can visit a clinic to take a blood test. It will confirm the result of your home test and also determine how far along you are by measuring the amount of human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone (HCG) in your blood.

Choose Your Obstetrician

Congratulations! Now that you’ve confirmed you are pregnant, it’s time to get excited about the amazing 40-week journey that lies ahead. Aside from your family, your obstetrician will be there with you all the way, looking after you and answering every question you have.

It’s important to choose a doctor you are comfortable with and from there you can decide which hospital to choose for your delivery. First things first, call your chosen doctor to make an appointment. You may have to wait a few weeks for an available slot, so don’t delay — get that date in your calendar.

Prenatal Care And Screenings

Once you’ve scheduled your first visit ask your partner to block out the date in his diary so he can accompany you. Your doctor will need a detailed medical history from both of you to identify any risk factors in the pregnancy but be sure to give details of any family history — especially if there are instances of genetic disorders or diabetes. Blood tests like screening for hepatitis B will be necessary to help keep you and your baby happy and healthy.

Take Folate Supplements

Folic acid is crucial to the brain and spinal cord development of the foetus but about 20% to 25% of women of child-bearing age in Singapore do not have enough in their diet. If you’re not already taking a folate supplement, start taking one as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed.

Adopt The Right Diet And Habits

Getting nutrition right is the first step towards securing a healthy pregnancy. With a baby growing inside you, you will need to follow a healthy, balanced pregnancy diet that’s good for both mother and child. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine and abstain from alcohol.

Start Keeping A Journal

From weight gain to the first flutter in your belly, now is the time to start documenting the changes you are seeing in your body and mind. Your emotional health throughout the pregnancy is just as important as your physical health. Not only will this serve as a useful way to track your well-being, it will be a wonderful memento of your pregnancy when the baby finally arrives.

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