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5 Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy In Style

Chief Editor | Published on February 14, 2023

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms and have just confirmed that you are expecting, then congratulations! The next step is sharing the happy news with close friends and family. Here are some fun and creative ideas for revealing your pregnancy.

1. Create A Movie Poster

What better way to announce a new addition to the family than with the release poster for a blockbuster movie? The great thing about creating a movie poster is that it contains all the elements of a pregnancy announcement — from the title to the release date and credits.

Recreate a poster from a famous movie like Meet the Parents or Knocked Up, and replace the actors with images of you and your partner. Don’t forget to change the movie release date to your actual due date, which is what your family and friends will probably be most excited about.

2. Distribute “Promotion” Letters

Add an element of surprise to your pregnancy announcement by crafting promotion letters for close family and friends.

All you need is a laptop and printer. Alternatively, go old-school with a handwritten card that hints at your pregnancy. For example, you could write a card to your parents that reads, “How would you like a promotion to ‘Grandparents’?” You can bet that these letters will be pinned on walls or displayed on refrigerators right up to your big day — and beyond.

3. Gram Your Sonogram

Excited to share your pregnancy news with the virtual world?

Take a selfie while holding your sonogram or post a flat lay photo of baby accessories, subtly including your sonogram as proof that a baby is on the way. Load your image on Facebook and Instagram, then sit back and wait for the congratulatory messages to start flowing in.

4. Set A Lunch Date

There is often no news more exhilarating for your parents than finding out that they are about to become grandparents. Liven up your announcement by arranging a surprise lunch date…for five.

When you meet your parents at the restaurant, say something along the lines of, “We’re so glad to see you!” If they get confused about whom you are referring to when you say “we”, place their hand on your belly. Alternatively, bring a little gift, such as a set of baby feeding utensils or a pacifier, which hints at your pregnancy.

5. Send A Work-Related Email

When it comes to informing your boss of your pregnancy, err on the side of professionalism.

Send an email asking to speak to your supervisor in private. Let him or her know your due date so that they are able to plan your maternity leave and the distribution of workload in advance. To demonstrate initiative, share some thoughts on how your role might be covered. For example, you may be well-placed to know which colleague would be best suited to cover certain aspects of your role.

Whether you prefer a low-key announcement or want to scream from the virtual rooftops, sharing your pregnancy news is a wonderful way of gaining support from your closest friends and family as you prepare for childbirth.

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