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This is My Second or Third Pregnancy. Why Do I Feel Different?

Chief Editor | Published on September 20, 2023

If you’re expecting your second or third child, congratulations! If you find yourself expecting your second or third child, you may notice that this pregnancy feels different from your first. Rest assured, it’s entirely normal to experience varying sensations and emotions during each pregnancy. We explain the 5 most obvious differences, what causes them and how you can adapt without worry.

You Feel “The Kick” Sooner

If you feel your baby move earlier than in your first pregnancy, it’s probably because you’re more familiar with how these movements feel and can pick them up sooner. Some seasoned mums may even feel the first movements, also known as the “quickening”, as early as 14 weeks into their pregnancy journey! While it may be surprising at first, it’s a huge joy to be able to physically connect with your baby earlier.

You Feel Less Excited

Don’t worry; this is normal and common. A big reason for this is because your other children might be taking up a significant amount of your attention and tiring you out more. Other than that, be proud that you’re now more “chilled out”! If, on the contrary, you are experiencing an overwhelmingly low or negative mood, please talk to your doctor.

Your Backache is Worse

After your first birth, your abdominal muscles may not be as strong as they once were. To prevent pregnancy-related back problems or to alleviate back pain, take part in prenatal fitness activities that strengthen your core and back muscles, such as yoga or swimming. Try to wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support, and sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees.

You Have a More Frequent Urge to Pee

As your abdominal muscles have stretched during previous pregnancies, your tummy will start expanding earlier on and you might carry successive babies lower than before. Unfortunately, this means your uterus is likely to put more pressure on your bladder for a longer period of time, resulting in an urge to pee that starts sooner in your pregnancy and with greater frequency. The good news: doing Kegel exercises regularly and wearing a belly support band may help keep toilet trips from taking over your life!

Your Labour and Delivery is Smoother

Nothing to complain about here! If you have had previous natural births, your pelvic ligaments would have been stretched. Your pelvic muscles and womb are also now more attuned to relaxing to allow for baby’s exit. As a result, the entire birth process may be shorter and smoother than your first. Remember that these may not apply to every second- or third-time mum. Even your baby bump may look different from your last pregnancy (and you may even feel like your bump appears earlier!). It’s best to regard every pregnancy on its own terms: don’t expect things will be the same or assume things will be different. Adopt an open-minded approach and your pregnancy will be an enjoyable and enriching experience.

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