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HatchCare is a social enterprise project by Hatch+. We are dedicated to help at-risk mothers, enabling them to benefit and experience positive pregnancy and postnatal care.

HatchCare supports and provides assistance to mothers who are currently living in Singapore and who meet any of the following criteria, whether they are single or married: currently pregnant or have given birth within the last 30 days.

Age 23 and below
Age 40 and above
Delivered a preterm baby ≤ 36 weeks at birth
Gestational diabetes
Preeclampsia (hypertension)
Placenta previa
Multiple pregnancy (twins or more)
Presently dealing with symptoms of depression
Have a history of antenatal / postnatal depression
≥5 children including current pregnancy

The services available for mothers within HatchCare includes:

Prenatal or postnatal consultation
Newborn care
Registered nurse nanny services
Engorgement relief
Increase milk production
Pre and postpartum mental wellness counselling and support

Each mother will be entitled to a service of her choice or depending on her needs. HatchCare will help subsidise 80% of the service worth $250. Mothers will only need to co-pay $50*. 

We firmly believe that postnatal care is crucial for every mothers’ mental and physical health; ensuring overall recovery and wellbeing of both mother and baby.

If you or anyone in your family and/or friend meets any of the conditions listed above, we encourage you to either apply or share the submission link provided.

Please complete the form and include proof of your eligibility (such as a memo from your OBGYN outlining your medical condition(s) or hospital discharge papers).

*An additional $5 administrative fee will be added as this helps us cover the costs associated to this social enterprise project